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      HRG Entrepreneurship Division

      The Entrepreneurship Division focuses on incubating start-up projects, coordinating academic-industry cooperation, developing profitable ventures and technologies, and helping early-stage management teams to grow into more mature companies.

      The division provides supporting services to incubated companies, including financing, marketing, talent acquisition, technology-consulting, supply chain and branding management. Its aim is to save time for entrepreneurs so that they can better focus on R&D, production, quality control that contribute to their companies’ core competition and other value-added content.

      Talent Acquisition

          HRG encourages a learning culture within the organization. That’s why it created Fanxing Institute, an internal training and development program devised to guide entrepreneurs’ decisions and make transition from founders and employees to professional managers capable of strategic thinking and solving real-world problems.

      The curriculum includes leadership, strategic management, investment and financing, accounting, human resources, innovation, operation, marketing and other management-related topics. The institute has course on succession planning for core functions and management trainee program.

      Financial Service

      The Department of Financial Services is the core sector for integrating industry and financial resources and is responsible for screening and selecting startups with great potential for initial incubation. It also supports incubated companies to achieve asset securitization.

      The department’s areas of service include investment, M&A, supply chain finance, financial leasing, insurance, and securities. It is dedicated to building the most professional finance holding and asset management platform for robot business. Currently, it is working to secureall financial licenses in China.

      Work Space Service

      The Department of Industry Base embraces global resources of talents, projects and technology to help companies and projects that have reached a certain level of maturity find their way toward the right next step. With its incubation capability and brand influence, the department is dedicated to creating successful business clusters with the support of governments of different levels.

      The department has built industrial bases in Harbin (headquarters base), Chengdu, Ji'nan, Hefei, Zhongshan, Yiwu, Yueyang, and Kunshan. Overseas bases in the United States and South Korean are under construction.

      Sales Service

      HRG Sales Center is responsible for domestic and international sales of HRG products.Its roles include distribution agent for robot/AI products and the one-stop shop for digital and robotic products.

      Branding&Market Research Service

      The department of Marketing and Brand Management is dedicated to providing market research and marketing consulting services to those who are preparing to join the competition of technology industry. It works across a wide range of industries, including robotics, smart manufacturing, AI, new energy vehicles, medical and rehabilitation, and STEAM education.

      Analysts and consultants with years of experiences in all kinds of market segments will provide the companies in need their insightful analysis on opportunities and potential solutions by using matured methodologies and scientific tools.

      The branding team has rich experience in brand building and management for technology companies. Some of its areas of practice include branding strategy and brand promotion, visual identity design, industrial design, user interface design, landscape signage design, video making, corporate website design, new media operation, media relations and monitoring, crisis communication, and event planning.

      Strategy & Policy Research Service

      HRG Strategic Planning Institute provides services such as strategic planning, technology and engineering consulting, policy research, project application, qualification management, intangible assets management, innovation/entrepreneur incubation management and other services for incubated companies. It also helps to companies to find more projects of great potential, expand their value-added businesses, and win government support.

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