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      HRG Industry Division

      The Industry Division is where HRG fosters incubated companies at different life cycle stages in the areas of smart factory, smart city, industrial robotics, special operation robotics, service and medical robotics, intelligent equipment, and entertainment robotics.

      HRG has been working closely with several IPO service companies and capital institutions to build a global platform for asset securitization. When an incubated company reach maturity, HRG will help it move towards independent development and asset securitization by going public or through M&A, ultimately expanding the company’s value.

      Smart Factory

      The Smart Factory Business Unit is devoted to leading Chinese Industry 4.0 and helping manufacturers set up smart factory.Its business focuses on food & drug,agriculture,vehicle and 3C production lines, appliance assembly, new energy,metal products processing,and healthcare products. The Business Unit can provide all range of smart factory technology development, including MES system,warehouse and logistics sorting system,intelligent vision systems, special motor, intelligent special operation equipment, welding, grinding and polishing, and high-speed wireless transmission.

      Industrial Robotics

      The Industrial Robotics Business Unit provides mechanical core parts,mechanical architecture and solutions for industrial robots. Based on Harbin Institute of Technology(HIT)’s research on robotics, the business unit also provides industrial education.Its main business includes welding, forging, stamping, spraying, deburring, grinding, winding of composite materials, research, development, and production of industrial robot mechanical architecture and core components, as well as related technical skills training.

      Special Robotics

      Special Operation Robotics Business Unit is targeted at the needs of robot applications in complex and special environments, providing professional robot products and solutions suitable for land, sea and air application scenarios and helping public safety business. The main products include EOD robotics, fire-fighting robotics, UAV and intelligent security patrol robotics, etc. By developing the body of special operation robotics, developing and integrating advanced application load and providing intelligent solutions, it will provide effective and powerful support for the construction of public safety intellectualization.

      Service Robotics

      The Service Robotics Business Unit focuses on the R&D of intelligent robots to serve a better life. It has developed multiple products, such as picking robots, automatic transport robots, automatic loading and unloading robots, automatic navigation robots, guiding robots, food delivery robots, and rehabilitation robots, which can be used in such areas as intelligent logistics, intelligent warehousing, medical rehabilitation, education, entertainment, greeting and guiding, as well as home services. The functions the unit can deliver includecomponentsparts production, software development, hardware manufacturing, and integrated solution making.

      Intelligent Equipment

      The new intelligent equipment business focuses ontheadvanced manufacturing industry, automation of emerging industries,development of intelligent equipment and refining of key technologies. The main business includes ROS operation system, its development and construction of robot workstation in 3C field, UAV product and aviation service, new energy vehicle and operation platform construction, battery recovery business and automation monitoring and process control technology of the power system, etc.

      Entertainment Robotics

      The Entertainment Robotics Business Unit, or HRG (Harbin) Cheerbb Culture Development Co.,Ltd., is a member company of CAAPA(China Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions) and IAAPA(International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions). The business unit provides planning, design, construction, and operation consulting services to tourism attractions, theme parks, entertainment developers, commercial complexes and science museums. It is committed to better entertainment experience and provides services like design and construction for theme parks, landscape and exhibition pavilions, and small town attraction planning and development, smart space solutions, tailored development for high-tech entertainment equipment, amusement park design and construction, bio-inspired robot design, and related service fordome cinemas and rotating stages.

      Strategic Partners

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