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      Innovation Base

      Innovation Base

      The innovation-incubation-industry-education business model takes HRG innovation bases as its carrier. At present, HRG has built and operated innovation bases in more than 10 cities across the country. The business covers smart factory, smart city, artificial intelligence, core robotic components, new materials and new energy processing equipment, commercial aerospace, intelligent warehousing and logistics, medical care and rehabilitation, tech-cultural tourism, AI education, etc. The business models are sustainably improved during replication.

      While helping local industries achieve their business upgrade, HRG also gradually becomes a pioneer of new types of infrastructure construction serving for constructing infrastructure for innovation and startups.

      Hefei Innovation Base

      HRG Hefei Innovation Basefocusesonthe R&DandIP commercializationin robotics, AI and intelligent equipmentfields.Its business includesinnovativetechnology research, startup project incubation and investment.

      TakingHRG International Institute (Hefei) of Research and Innovation as its operating carrierandand driven by the innovation-incubation-industry-capitalmodel, the baseis buildinganecosystem that providescoreroboticcomponents,robot body,system integration and software services.driven bythe innovation-incubation-industry-capitalinteractive developmentmode.It isIt is alsocommittedtobuilding ateam withsustainableinnovationcapabilitiesand incubatinga group ofroboticsandAItechnologycompanies with highly competitive advantages.

      Yueyang Innovation Base

      HRG Yueyang Innovation Base focusesonfrontier technology innovation inrobotics, smartmanufacturingand commercial aerospace. Its functionincludes R&D, project incubation, talent acquisition and attracting business investment inmilitary-civilian integration area.
      The base takesHRG Institute (Yueyang) of Military and Civilianas its operating carrier.Supported by Yueyang’s advantageous geographic location thanks to the proximity to Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta economic belt, Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan City Group and Wuhan, the base is committed to building amilitary-civilian integrationinnovation platformthat providestechnology innovation, IP commercializationandindustry incubationand operationservices.

      Zhongshan Innovation Base

      HRG Zhongshan Innovation Base focuses on the development and application of new materials and new energy processing equipment as well as related technology and industry incubation. The base takesHRG Institute (Zhongshan) of Unmanned Equipment and Artificial Intelligenceas its operating carrier and actively imports high-end talents, technologies and projects in the areas of unmanned equipment, AI and biomedicine industry.

      With the goal of technology IP commercialization, it is dedicated to building an industrial cluster and innovative technology IP commercialization base relying on the key robotic technologies such as precision detection and measurement, intelligent perception, machine vision and image processing.

      Yangzhou Innovation Base

      TakingHRG Institute (Yangzhou) of Technology and Innovationas its operating carrier,HRG Yangzhou Innovation Baseprovides overall solutions such as planning, design, construction and operation consultingservices fortech-culturaltourism, AI andservice roboticsindustries. Thanks toYangzhou'sadvantagesin equipment manufacturing, software information, culture tourism, science education and natural environment, the baseis dedicated tobuilding a modern technology parkandrobot industry demonstration basethat provides R&D,IP commercialization,industrialapplication,talent cultivation,innovativeenterpriseincubation,businesscooperationandinvestment.

      Jinan Innovation Base

      HRG Ji’nan Innovation Basefocusesonfrontier technology research and product development in robotics and intelligent manufacturing equipmentindustries.It takesHRG Institute (Ji’nan) of Intelligent Equipmentas its operating carrier.Focusing onsmart factory and AI, part of the 10 high-tech industries encouraged bythe "Made inChina 2025"nationalstrategyand relying onHRG’s strategic platform and resource advantages,the base is dedicated toconstructingan ecosystem for the development oftechnology and industry,and buildingan intelligentequipment demonstration basethat provides R&D, IP commercialization and industryincubationand operationservices.

      Wuhan Innovation Base

      HRG Wuhan Innovation Baseis a newtechnology andinnovation platformcommitted to air-space equipment, smart city andAIeducation.The base takesHRG International Institute (Wuhan) of Research and Innovationas its operating carrierandisled byaresearch teamof academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chang Jiang Scholars, experts in the Ten Thousand Talent Programand Outstanding Youths.So far, the base has established national and provincial engineering centerstoempower high-tech enterprises andsupport the development of HRG’sinnovation-incubation-industry-educationbusiness modelbuildinginCcentral Chinaregionarea.

      Huzhou Innovation Base

      HRG Huzhou Innovation Baseis anInternet innovation centerthatfocusesonsmartmedicalcareand rehabilitationupgrades. Itsmainbusiness includestheresearchanddevelopmentofmedical and rehabilitation roboticsand andAI technology andproducts.The basetakesHRG International Institute (Huzhou) of Research and Innovationas its operating carrier, and is committed to incubating tech companies in the Greater Shanghai area, connecting technology and market, and building high quality AI and robotics industry clusters and entrepreneurship platforms.

      Yiwu Innovation Base

      HRG Yiwu InnovationBaseisa technology and innovation platformfocusingonthetechnology research and developmentandindustrial applicationof AIandservice robotics.Its business includesthe development and application of machine vision technologyin the fieldsofsports,rehabilitation, medicalcare, entertainment andpublicsecurity,as well asresearch and development of indoor and outdoor low-speed unmanned driving technologycombinedwithmultiple navigation modes.Located in Yiwu,theWorld'sCapital ofSmallCommodities, the base takesHRG Institute (Yiwu) of Artificial Intelligenceas its operating carrier,focusesonAI and service roboticsandempowers thesmall-commodities industrywith technology.

      Taizhou Innovation Base

      HRG Taizhou Innovation Basefocusesontheintelligent manufacturing technology research,product development and project incubationofprecision manufacturingandhigh-end equipment. The base provides solutions forproductionautomation, workshop digitalization andfactory intellectualizationas well assupportiveservices, helpingcustomersincore process breakthrough and process route optimization.Relyingon theindustrial foundation and advantagesofnew energy,machinery manufacturingandelectronic informationinJiangyan districtofTaizhou, it takesHRG Institute (Taizhou) of Intelligent Manufacturingas its operating carrier,and iscommitted tointegrating upstream and downstream industryresourcesto buildahigh-end intelligent manufacturingtechnology and innovationparkandindustrybase.

      Nanchang Innovation Base

      HRG Nanchang Innovation Basefocusesonsmart manufacturing in fields ofceramics,naturalproductprocessing,drugandhealth productsas well as related generic or customized services.IttakesHRG Institute (Nanchang) of Intelligent Manufacturingas its operating carrierandkeyintelligent manufacturingtechnologyas its mainresearchsubject.Committed to servingJiangxi’s strong food, ceramics, traditional Chinese medicine and aviation industries, the base is actively developing innovative research and system construction in industry development strategy, equipment technology, system integration and informatization to increase the value ofIPcommercialization and industrialization.

      Anyang Innovation Base

      Located in Anyang Robot Industrial Park, HRG Anyang Innovation Base is dedicated to building smart manufacturing industry cluster and applications demonstration base that supports robot research and development, high-end intelligent manufacturing, technology transformation, industrial application, talent cultivation, startup incubation, trade show and industry investment. Its current focus is on the planning, construction, development, operation and business cooperation around Anyang Robot Town and building a comprehensive smart manufacturing equipment platform that provides services in technology exhibition, entertainment, cultural service, intelligent health care, education and training, as well as financial investment. The base is also capable of supporting startup incubation, localization of international brands and trade activities in robotic and smart manufacturing fields.

      Wuxi Innovation Base

      HRG Wuxi Innovation Basefocuseson the technologyresearch and product development of new materialsintegration, intelligent engraving system,machine vision and AI,smart catering, unmanneddrivingtest systemand bioinspired mobile robotics. Its business includesIP commercialization,project incubation and industrialization, project introduction andmarket application.

      The basetakesHRG Institute (Wuxi) of Technology and Innovationas its operating carrier. Relying onWuxi's development advantages inintelligent manufacturingandintelligent transformation of traditional industries,it iscommitted to buildingarobot and intelligent manufacturing industry basethat integratestechnologyresearch and development, IP commercialization,industry incubation,talent cultivation,marketingcooperationandindustrialinvestmentservices.

      Pingxiang Innovation Base

      HRG Pingxiang Innovation Basefocuses onthe transformation of new materials and new process industries. Thanks to proximity to Pingxiang's electronic information industry demonstration area and Wugong Mountain cultural tourism research base, Pingxiang innovation base is actively constructing centers for logistics robot testing and sales, artificial diamond processing, as well as automobile and robotics education. The goal is to build a comprehensive industrial base for robotics, new materials and educational activities.


      Kunshan Innovation Base

      HRG Kunshan Innovation Base is HRG’scomprehensive productmanufacturing baseand innovation carrier.Its main businessincludesthetechnology research and developmentof AS/RSand warehousing logistics equipmentand supporting services.The base is dedicated tobuilding a new innovation platformintegrating roboticresearchanddevelopment,manufacturing,inspectionand exhibition, and supportingHRGBiospherecompanies’ growthin the Yangtze River Delta.

      Linyi Innovation Base

      HRG Linyi Innovation Base is a newtechnology andinnovation platformforintelligentlyupgradingtraditional manufacturingandvocational education industries.Relying ontheThe baseis around thelocal advantageous resourcesof logistics,wood andmMetal processing industriesand, the basefocuses on manufacturing technology research and development, product development, and traditional industry upgrading. Meanwhile, considering the local market needs, the base also provides vocational training support as well as high quality instructors and solutions to local educational institutions.

      Chengdu Innovation Base

      HRG Chengdu Innovation Basefocuses on integrating robotics as an educational tool, and provides related training,exhibitionand sales services.Supported by Chengdu’s strong technology background and advantageous geographic location for logistics and transportation, the base iscommitted to building arobotics and AI industry base for technologyinnovation andstartup incubation.

      Shenshan Innovation Base

      HRG Shenshan Innovation Base is a technology and innovation platform for smart city technology research and development and application production. Believing in "Smart Life, Better Life", the base is dedicated to construction of intelligent life system. Its main business includes exploring the top-level architecture design, implementation path and technical direction of future smart city, and developing intelligent life-related technologies, products and application methods to support the intelligent upgrading of late-developing cities.

      Huizhou Innovation Base

      HRG Huizhou Innovation Base focuses on commercial aerospace, smart manufacturing and robotic applications.Relying on Huizhou's mature electronic information industry and proximity to Shenzhen and Dongguan, the base is dedicated to developing its technology-innovation-talent model and HRG's Huizhou Intelligence Valley in the Greater Bay Area.

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